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About Me

Kayaking with Zenzi I have been a Dog Lover Forever and I have a lifetime of canines waiting to greet me at the Pearly Gates.....
Before Zenzi, I adopted a "rescue GSD", Sheba. She had serious behavioral issues and pannus (a blinding disease). She loved our family and was very protective. One of the hardest things I ever had to do was put her down because she had become a danger to others and had attacked several people.
Because that experience was so traumatic for my family, I determined that I would research the breed. "Come hell or high water" my next GSD would have "good genetics".

This launched me into a complex mission, and in turn, a passion to serve the breed. Before long I was visiting kennels, spending untold hours researching on the internet and "talking dogs" with a lot of breeders. I didn't know it then, but the death of my precious and poorly bred friend birthed in me a dream to do what I am doing right now.

My lifelong career is in health care. Mostly I served as an Emergency RN.

It was a fluke that I started out "socializing" my puppy at work. This grew into obtaining therapy certification and then AKC Recognized Therapy Certification.

During "my quest" to find a gentle German Shepherd, I found this one thing to be true:
Just because a breeder has good blood lines and a fancy website, doesn't mean the dog is worth squat!
I drove great distances to visit German Shepherd Breeders. I met very poorly trained dogs that jumped on me and were aggressive toward my children. This is NOT okay! I could NOT in good conscience even consider buying a pup from them.

If you are a good pet owner, you are about to invest a significant amount of time into your dog and a substantial financial investment. My expectation was that the puppies parents should not show aggression toward children EVER and should have basic manners. Apparently, this is not a standard requirement for breeding.
Zenzi has gone on to become a very accomplished and heroic GSD.

*Please understand that a dog is also a product of its environment. No matter how good the pup, you must do your part. For this reason, I have added mandatory reading for anyone buying my pups*

Here is a list of influential people that I would like to thank for their contributions toward this project: