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Gentle German Shepherds

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Welcome to Gentle German Shepherds!

I am offering an extremely limited supply of DDR puppies for Therapy, Service, Families and Guardianship.
I am NOT a traditional dog breeder and I can honestly tell you that I am on a God given mission and adventure in helping to preserve what German Shepherds once were - Man's Best Friend. The line I am exclusively working with are Deutsches Demokratische Republik (DDR) German Shepherds - direct descendants of a 40 year closed breeding program developed by the East German Military. These dogs were bred to be far superior to what "Americanized" German Shepherds have become. They are known for :
  • ABILITY TO FUNCTION IN EXTREME ELEMENTS (harsh weathers and long, difficult patrols)
  • SUPERIOR GENETICS (low rate of dysplasia and other common maladies known to GSDs)
  • SUPREME ATHLETICISM (Tracking, Toughness, Climbing, Hardiness)

They possess a rich history in border patrol, tracking, as sentries and other military use. One of the most outstanding features you will find is that they do not behave like typical German Shepherds. They are extremely aware of what you are doing and they are ready to follow your lead.

Cozy German Shepherd Puppy

They are a very exquisite creature who is worthy of your investment of time, energy and resource. If you give of yourself to them, they will wholeheartedly dedicate their life to your service. Hence, my passion to serve the breed.

I am currently breeding ONE FEMALE DDR GERMAN SHEPHERD on a yearly basis. She is my best friend and we have embarked on many notable adventures together, some of which you can read about. She is a "Certified Therapy Dog" both with The American Kennel Club and with Pet Partners. She has an incredible 6th sense which is extremely uncanny. Please spend some time reading over her accomplishments so that you can fully understand why I feel carrying down her lineage is an honorable endeavor. At this time we are doing ONE litter per year. I invite you to fully investigate lineage, genetics and accomplishments. You will not want to look any further for your new best friend! I will guarantee meticulous socialization and care of puppies. I am also very communicative with expectant puppy parents. I try hard to foster strong bonds with my pups and their new owners. I do not sell trained dogs.


Zenzi was inseminated 12/14 and 12/16 of 2021 with sperm from Enno Stasi. Not long after that, she sustained a significant laceration on her front paw which is healing. She has given me 2 beautiful litters and she has served me well these past 5 years. I see subtle changes of her wanting to slow down. I have also been very busy with my real estate business and with raising children. I realize that I am probably not going back to nursing or have time for formal therapy training with my dogs any time in the near future. For that reason, I have decided that this will be my last litter for now. I think Zenzi has served me well and she has done enough. After this litter, she will be officially retired. If I decide to breed Tenacity (her daughter), it won't be for a significant period of time. If I breed Tenacity, I may change the website to accommodate her individual qualities. I will not certify her for therapy.

*Embark testing has been initiated on both bitches. Results will be posted on this site*

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